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Theme Upgrade - Core Release 8

Affected Themes:

  1. All Current Standard (Full Feature List) Themes

Upgrade Details:

  1. NEW - Product sharing tool style options - ref.
  2. NEW - Product sharing tool size options - ref.
  3. NEW - “Add to Cart” button custom text option - ref.
  4. NEW - “Checkout” button custom text option - ref.
  5. NEW - Hide product details (title and price) option moved to Layout page and display in overlay option added (i.e. show details on mouse over only) - ref.
  6. NEW - Option to label sold out products as “Sold” or “Sold Out” - ref.
  7. NEW - Option to allow customer to show / hide the public notice - ref.
  8. NEW - Option to have page links (that have been moved to the category menu) display before category links or after - ref.
  9. NEW - “Don’t Use Frames” admin message added to warn against the use of HTML Frames for custom domains - ref.
  10. NEW - Admin message added to warn when slideshow shortcode is used incorrectly.
  11. NEW - Admin message added to warn when gallery shortcode is used incorrectly.
  12. IMPROVED - All supporting CSS and JavaScript minimised for optimum load time.
  13. IMPROVED - Page menu width vs Social Icon width matched precisely to maximise available space for page menu items.
  14. IMPROVED - Product sharing tool styling and format rebuilt to be uniform and match that of global social icons.
  15. IMPROVED - Product sharing tools expanded to include Facebook Share and Email - ref.
  16. IMPROVED - Shop-wide Facebook Like and Google Plus sharing tools incorporated into global social icons and styled to match - ref.
  17. IMPROVED - x ic meta insert content methods use page slug instead of page name for precise page matching - ref.
  18. IMPROVED - “Enable Cookies” warning message moved to cart page only, as only required for purchase not for general browsing.
  19. IMPROVED - Slideshow displays first image when JavaScript is disabled.
  20. IMPROVED - Slideshow middle align images in cases where images sizes are not identical.
  21. IMPROVED - Slideshow shortcode modified to catch common incorrect use.
  22. IMPROVED - More efficient shortcode processing code.
  23. IMPROVED - More efficient layout processing code (for navigation menus, etc.).
  24. IMPROVED - Checkout page jQuery library updated.
  25. FIXED - Display of Like button on themes with show/hide toggle (i.e. Tupelo) inconsistent on some browsers.
  26. FIXED - Incompatibility with product sharing tools and Big Cartel preview area causing browser pop-up errors.
  27. FIXED - Product status font style controls incomplete for some themes.
  28. FIXED - Menu item classes for auto-categories. Page slug now used for all menu item classes.
  29. FIXED - In some cases custom content text colour wasn’t matching default colour setting.


  1. IMPORTANT - This is the last upgrade that will be provided for free to Aarfie Premium theme license holders. We have maintained Aarfie Premium theme upgrades - beyond the original Aarfie theme version - to show our sincere gratitude to our earlier users, but unfortunately we need to plan the close of the Aarfie theme delivery system to allow us to keep moving forward. To access future upgrades, Aarfie Premium theme license holders will need to purchase an upgrade at Big Cartel Theme Upgrade.
  2. To upgrade your theme refer to How do I upgrade my theme?
  3. Admin messages added in this upgrade are never displayed to your customer. They are only visible to you if you are logged into your Big Cartel account.

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